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UNDP Resident Representative, Michelle Gyles-McDonnough, with civil society representatives in Kuala Lumpur, July 2014UNDP Resident Representative, Michelle Gyles-McDonnough, with civil society representatives in Kuala Lumpur for the Post-2015 Development Agenda National Consultations in July 2014 | Photo: UNDP Malaysia

The United Nations (UN) in the 21st Century is operating in a very different world from the one that existed at its inception over 60 years ago. If the UN is to be a useful instrument in responding to new threats such as HIV/AIDS, climate change and catastrophic terrorism, and if it is to effectively serve the world's peoples, the organisation must keep pace with this changing world.

In recent years, the UN has been engaged in a broad and continuous programme of institutional change and reform. An important component of this has been the progressive opening of the UN to non-state actors, including business and civil society, as indispensable partners in our work.

In recognition that development is multi-sectoral and needs multiple stakeholders, UNDP's support for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) puts partnerships at the centre of all aspects of our work. Our projects on the ground are strengthened by our various alliances with government ministries and agencies, other UN agencies, the international financial institutions, bilateral agencies, the private sector and civil society. Our partners are engaged for various purposes including implementation of development projects, policy and agenda setting,  advocacy and awareness-raising, resource mobilization, and providing technical assistance to other developing countries.

While the roles and capabilities of each actor differs, it is only by working together, sharing experiences and resources, and building on lessons learned that we are able to enlarge the potential for progress by unleashing collective energy and concern.

UNDP Malaysia's National Goodwill Ambassador is international women's squash player, Datuk Nicol DavidUNDP Malaysia's National Goodwill Ambassador is international women's squash player, Datuk Nicol David | Photo: UNDP Malaysia

Government of Malaysia
At UNDP Malaysia, our partnership with the Government of Malaysia remains central to our work. We work closely with both federal and local governments in support of Malaysia's national development aspirations, with national ownership and capacity building being the guiding principles of UNDP's programming in the country. As a reflection of this, the Malaysian government has also been increasing its contribution to UNDP's cost-sharing funds to co-finance development projects under UNDP Malaysia's Country Programme 2008-2012.

In line with UN Coordination objectives of ensuring the most effective use of UN and international aid resources, UNDP Malaysia is an integral part of the United Nations Country Team. This allows all development agencies in the country to complement each other and build on our respective strengths and comparative advantages to better serve Malaysia's needs. At the country team level, our work centres around support for the global agenda on development, HIV/AIDS, climate change, human rights and other issues that require a more coherent and comprehensive approach.

Small Grants Programme (SGP)
The Small Grants Programme (SGP) is a Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded corporate programme implemented by the UNDP on behalf of the GEF partnership. UNDP’s role in implementation assures government support within each country as well as links to national development frameworks and priorities. SGP provides grants of up to US$50,000 directly to local communities including indigenous people, community-based organizations and other non-governmental groups for projects in the following areas: Biological Diversity,  Climate, Land Degradation, Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters, and Chemicals. To date, the SGP Malaysia has provided funds to support over seventy NGOs and CBOs through more than one hundred projects. >> Learn more about SGP Malaysia

Civil Society Organisations
Our partnerships in Malaysia also include civil society organizations whose goals, values and development philosophies accord with our own. And increasingly, we are forming partnerships with the private sector, not just as part of pushing for greater corporate social responsibility as an important pillar of sustainability, but in supporting pro-poor growth and local community development.

Goodwill Ambassadors and Celebrity Partners
As part of our efforts to reach a wider audience, UNDP has enlisted the assistance of prominent Malaysian personalities as Goodwill Ambassadors and Celebrity Partners. These important partners are prominent personalities in their own fields who have donated their time in order to champion key topical issues and to promote UN values and ideals in their countries. They carry out advocacy activities at the national, and global levels by drawing public and political attention to the plight of indigenous communities or climate change, as an example, and to garner support for critical development issues affecting Malaysians today.

UNDP Malaysia's National Goodwill Ambassador is international women's squash player, Datuk Nicol David.

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