The first Cultural Diversity Course for Peacekeepers in 2015

Mar 19, 2015

UNDP together with the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre (MPC) held the first Cultural Diversity course for 2015 which was held on February 23 to 27, 2015.

Approximately 23 participants attended the course held in the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre (MPC), Port Dickson. Military personnel from the army, navy and air force plus 5 international participants from Gambia, Jordan, Lebanon, Thailand and Zimbabwe were present for the week long course.

The course is part of the Capacity Building Support for Malaysia Role in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Training Phase II, a close collaboration with the Ministry of Defence of Malaysia, Government of Japan and Norway to strengthen the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre’s (MPC) capacity in providing multi-dimensional peacekeeping training to UN Peacekeepers from the world.

Participants were given case studies to work on and were divided to groups. One of the case studies was on Timor Leste where participants identified problem identifications, conflict causes, mechanisms to overcome conflict and recommended new approaches and action plans to resolve conflicts.


Participants gave comments on the effectiveness of the Cultural Diversity Course:

pkoSqn Ldr Darling Ton Mudoti from Zimbabwe

Lt Col Muhammad Ali Bin Baharun, Malaysia

The Cultural Diversity course is very detailed and advantageous for those going on the ground.

He iterated that when one goes on the peacekeeping mission, the first challenge is to integrate diversity within the UN peacekeepers themselves, then only with the locals.

Major Mohamed Taleb Abdullah, Jordan

This course provided me the opportunity to meet others from different cultures which opens my mind and to accept others

He will apply what he learnt at the training, especially when he is deployed to the peacekeeping mission as a military observer in November 2015.


pkoCaptain Panupong Junpan from Thailand

Captain Panupong Junpan, Thailand

The course provided me with knowledge exchanges with different participants from other parts of the world.  From this training, I learnt about the Arab world from my fellow course mate, which I found extremely interesting. Cultural Diversity is important for work especially in multi-cultural society, where all concerned have to work together.

Previously he had been deployed to Sudan in 2011 and come July 2015, he will likely be deployed again to another peacekeeping mission.

Captain Mustapha Faye, Gambia

The course is educative and will definitely share what I have learnt with my peers in Gambia.

Squadron Leader Darling Ton Mudoti, Zimbabwe

Cultural Diversity is quite a good course as it prepares officers for future peacekeeping missions. Through the course, you get insights on what happens on the ground and it prepares you to have the initiative to do the right thing when you are on the ground serving in the peacekeeping mission(s).

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