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IFCE Report 2018

International Framework on Court Excellence (IFCE) report

24 Apr 2019

The report is a framework to be used to identify entry points for judiciary reform, In line with the new government’s reform agenda. The UNDP Judicial Integrity Checklist (Integrity Checklist) has been developed as part of the Project “Judicial Integrity Champions in APEC”.

The UNDP Project provides support to judiciaries in the region that are taking active steps to promote transparency, integrity and accountability with a view to delivering justice for all. The Integrity Checklist is intended for use by Courts to promote judicial integrity while recognising that judicial integrity measures are most effective when they are embedded into broader quality management systems that promote court excellence.

The Integrity Checklist provides a more in-depth and focused approach that will enable a court to readily identify measures for improving court integrity. Implementing these improvement measures will lead to increased public trust and confidence in the court.

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