Making Flexible Work, Work: Towards Better and More Inclusive Work-Life Practices

Aug 4, 2021

Towards better and more inclusive work-life practices

Developments in our technological, economic, and societal landscapes are changing the way we live and work. Internet and mobile connectivity mean that many jobs can be done anytime from anywhere. These developments can improve healthy work-life integration, or they can create work cultures where employees are unable to disconnect from work and face ever-increasing demands on their time.

UNDP Malaysia and TalentCorp, a government agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, have co-produced a publication that highlights the state of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in Malaysia and points toward a way forward as we build back from the COVID-19 pandemic. The publication highlights caregiver experiences, changing perceptions of employers and employees, the need for inclusivity in design and implementation of FWAs, and steps that can be taken to meet these needs.

The publication draws on lessons from the UNDP publication on the Malaysian Work From Home (WFH) experience and TalentCorp’s findings on pre-COVID employer perceptions of FWAs and other work-life practices and case studies drawn from TalentCorp’s work with private sector employers.

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