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2020 Human Development Report Released Today

Malaysia has scored a 0.810 in the Human Development Index (HDI) which puts the country in the very high human development category, or 62nd place out of 189 countries and territories.  

9 out of 10 youth in Malaysia are already taking individual action to address climate change

Change for Climate: National Youth Climate Change Survey reveals knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of youth towards climate change.  

Who are the poor and how are they poor?

In a webinar organised by UNDP Malaysia on the 23rd of September, Mr. Niloy Banerjee, Resident Representative UNDP Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei in his welcoming address lauded the government's move…  

Papa Pipi and UNDP team up to raise awareness about river and ocean conservation

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Malaysia, in collaboration with animation studio Monsta, has launched a new public service announcement campaign starring Monsta's popular…  

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