Policy Reforms and Institutional Framework in Support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Post-2015 Development Agenda (SDG)

What is the project about?


This project is phase one of joint UNDP and Government of Malaysia’s sustainable development initiative towards implementing the Rio+20 outcomes at the national level.

The project aims to address three key implementation challenges of sustainable development in Malaysia, namely policy coherence, governance, human capacity to implement best practices/solutions, monitor and evaluate outcomes of relevant programmes.

Specific interventions are grouped into three main components: (1) policy reforms and institutional framework for sustainable development, (2) communication and advocacy strategy for sustainable development and (3) capacity building for the implementation of best practices and solutions.

What do we hope to accomplish?

As a result, the project will deliver three major outputs namely (1) Draft National Sustainable Development Blueprint as an overarching policy direction for re-alignment and integration of all social, economic and environmental policies is developed and endorsed, and institutional framework is proposed, (2) institutional framework for sustainable development is strengthened, and (3) capacity to implement best practices and solutions is enhanced.

These outputs will directly contribute to and provide strategic direction in the planning and preparation of medium and long term national development plans – 11th and 12th Malaysia Plans and Outline Perspective Plan 2021 – 2030. It also assists Malaysia in preparing country positions to the on-going development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) under the inter-governmental Open Working Group on SDGs and post 2015 development agenda and subsequently, the development of national SDGs.

Who finances it?

Total allocated resources  
Year Donor Amount
2014 - 15 TRAC USD50,000
2014 - 15 COST SHARING USD330,000
  TOTAL USD380,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Year Donor Amount (USD)
2014 TRAC / GCS $30,164
2015 TRAC / GCS $116,868

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